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Character Photos

A collection of photos to use for your rp characters

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Portrait Adoption

An easy alternative to commissioning an artist for a RPG character portrait. We have an exclusive selection of completed pieces from talented artists available for browsing and "adoption". It's a WYSIWYG solution to the sticky problem of getting quality custom work that fits your character. We also accept submitted character descriptions.

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Rocky Maltio

Stories, History, and Interests of an inhabitant of a place called 'The Keep'.

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The Character Page

Information for four characters used in chat roleplaying.

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Werewolf the Apocalypse Character website for the Fianna Inn

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This site holds different characters that play in and online FFRPG called the Fianna Inn on the IRC networks.. induvidual character pages with stats and paictures.. links to other sites and stories.. resources to help you get to know the world of the garou!!

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Wynn's World

A collection of characters used in World of Darkness and Dungeons and Dragons.

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