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The Site For players. Play games, chat with voice and text chat, become a member and more.

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DWBN is a real time chat server for Vampire and other WOD roleplayers.

Dark World by Night was created to support role players online and give them a place where they could chat with less stress and more excitement. Rooms here are designed to be conducive to fun Vampire role play, creating settings that offer many story lines

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Role playing chat room as well as java-based chat room

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Jabba Wabba Land

Come into the fantasy land of Jabba Wabba for all ages. Enjoy a weird world that is full of imagination. There is nothing like it!

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MindProbes Games

Interactive trivia and word games played in a chat room environment and contain a variety of formats including player's choice of categories and sudden death.

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The Dark Empire

Join The Dark Empire. Fight with Tie Fighters and even fight on land. Choose from a variety of weapons. Join either The Storm Trooper Corp, The Space Force, The Ground Force or be a Sith.

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