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Easy Eight's Battleground World War II

Publishers of the Battleground WWII miniatures game system, including miniatures for use in WWII wargames.

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Game Figures Incorporated

Manufacturer site of Minifigs USA. Offers a discussion board of interest to miniatures collectors as well as catalog lists of the products they manufacture.

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This is THE site for all Holistic Design games and books. We have information and previews on both our computer and paper games including our great miniatures and roleplaying games.

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9 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

This website details a new miniatures game that I'm developing that C2/Intermedia/Sony/Warner Brothers has expressed some interest in. Set in the dark, post-nuclear-war world of 2030, mankind faces the ruthless onslaught of the machines under the control of Skynet. Check out the website for more info as it occurs (playtesting, photo galleries, publishing info, et al. Enjoy! - Gav

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