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25000 cheats, codes and hints for all major platforms.

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A play by email gaming aid, for MS Windows. A Game editor; a map editor; a unit editor. Shareware, $30 registration.

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All Blizzard Games fan site. Mac demos of Starcraft, Diablo 2, Warcraft 3. News, game info, MODs & Map Campaigns News Center. Site translated to 10 international languages.

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Download a Java version of Avalon Hill's Titan boardgame. Currently "hotseat" play only.

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Board gaming system for playing board games by electronic mail. Graphically design the various parts of a board game on your computer, the players make their moves and exchange recorded versions of the moves with their opponents. Free download. For Windows.

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GUB: the Generic Universal Boardgame

A Java 2 application that allows players to play almost any type of board game on their computer, using a simple text file with game piece descriptions, a GIF or JPG copy of a game board, and an optional set of graphics for the game pieces. Several game piece sets are distributed here, and others may be created by other people and distributed from elsewhere.

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Computer aide and PBEM tool for Europa series of WWII games. Supports many basic rules of the game system. Open source, Windows executable.

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Popular Poker

Play your favorite card games online against real people from all over the world at Popular Poker! Frequent players are awarded with prizes. Multi-table tournaments run daily

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Strategic Map Simulator (SMS)

A wargame, RPG, and PBeM utility for playing board games over long distances. Free download for Windows.

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A freeware bitmap manipulator for Win95/NT that allows PBEM players to work with maps and counters as images, but pass the results as small text files. Has binaries, screen shots, documentation, and many gamesets already made.

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Wargame Rules and Software

GameMapr is a relatively simple map-making program for wargamers, "historically" oriented, rather than "fantasy" oriented. That is, it contains pre-built standard military symbols, rather than fantasy-type symbols. Windows shareware, download demo.

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Warhorse Simulations | Automated Card Tracking System

ACTS is a free on-web service which allows you to set up and track card decks for PBEM games. Currently configured for: AH/Hasbro's Hannibal, For the People, Successors, Titan, and We the People; GMT's Paths of Glory; and QED's Blue vs Gray.

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